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What is Athens?

We explore the culture, trends and people that make up modern Athens today. With new ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, Athens is in the midst of a start-up movement. Our Athenian Stories and Video sections uncovers this new way of thinking that seems to be growing, spurring dynamic change in and around the city.

  • Olympic Flame Why Athens

    Highlights of the 2016 Olympic flame tour of Greece

    The Olympic flame completed a successful tour around Greece, covering more than 2000 kilometres before its final handover to the Brazilians at the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the site of the first modern Olympic games. It began at the ancient temple of Hera in Olympia where 30 priestesses or ‘Caryatids Kores’ performed a series of…

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  • Olympic flame at ancient olympia why athens

    Apollo answers the call at ancient Olympia

    As the High Priestess called on Apollo, God of the sun to light the Olympic flame at ancient Olympia today, he responded whole heartedly, delivering a spirited flame that filled the cauldron almost immediately. The successful dress rehearsal laid a solid foundation for the official lighting ceremony tomorrow that also marks its 80th anniversary.

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  • Kathy Heyndels why athens

    Kathy Heyndels

    The first catwalk steps were taken at the 19th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Greek fashion house Kathy Heyndels presented their new collection Body Sculpture, Spring-Summer 2016 by Yiannis Togkos.

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  • Taxi beat Athens Nikos Drandakis

    Leave your troubles at the door and come and work for Taxibeat

    If you are a young techie living in Athens right now, you would want to work for Nikos Drandakis, co-founder of Taxibeat, where he is focused on creating one of the best workplaces in the city. Free Kindles, a compulsory ‘work free’ day every month to simply read a book or pursue personal interests, are…

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