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  • Greek worry beads Why Athens

    Kombologadiko – Greek worry beads

    The clink, clink of beads are said to represent ones emotions and offer solace and relaxation to the soul and mind. The kombolói or Greek worry beads have been part of Greek culture dating back to the Turkish occupation. Greeks established their own version, reducing the number of beads to 23 from 33, some say in…

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  • IT Restaurant Why Athens

    IT Restaurant

    Where: Kolonaki
    Why Go: To try the new “IT” place
    We Loved: Fresh bio-organic ingredients
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  • Fresh Patisserie Why Athens

    Fresh Patisserie

    With 12 stores around Athens and counting, Fresh Patisserie is a modern French inspired patisserie with delicious ice-creams, macaroons and sugared almonds. The friendly staff are quick to tempt you with sample treats and we loved the stevia sweetened chocolates which taste as good as the real thing. These patisseries offer a nice change from…

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  • Athinai Bistrot Why Athens

    Athinai Bistrot

    Where: Close to Acropolis Museum
    Why Go: For authentic Greek food
    We Loved: Friendly staff and Parisian inspired setting
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  • Athens bakery

    Orange Bakery

    *ORANGE BAKERY HAS NOW CLOSED* Bakeries are sacred in Greece and you’ll find an Athens bakery on almost every corner. If you want to visit one where you can sit in and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, try Orange Bakery at upmarket Voukourestiou St in Syntagma. With both sweet and savoury options, it…

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  • Greek Guards Why Athens Guide

    Changing of the Greek Guards

    Greek guards or “Evzones” are members of the Presidential Guard found outside the Hellenic Parliament. They have become synonymous with the city of Athens and were originally founded in 1868 as a regiment of the Greek army. It is a high honour for a soldier to be selected to join the Evzones. They guard the…

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