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  • Gadjo Dilo Athens Gazarte

    GADJO DILO ‘Manouche de Grec’ at Gazarte

    Where: Gazarte in Gazi
    When: 22 October, 12 & 26 November, 17 & 21 December 2023
    Why Go: To hear Gypsy Jazz music in Greek
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  • Bryan Adams Athens Concert OAKA

    BRYAN ADAMS Live in Athens

    Where: OAKA - Olympic Indoor Hall
    When: 5th December 2023
    Why Go: See this legendary performer LIVE
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  • Swingin Cats Athens Gazarte

    THE SWINGIN’ CATS at Gazarte

    Where: Gazarte in Gazi
    When: 21 October 2023
    Why Go: Get happy in no time!
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  • Athens Taxi Airport Transfers Limo

    Athens Taxis

    Athens taxi drivers can be incredibly charismatic or incredibly rude, depending on traffic conditions and how hot and irritable they feel. By majority however, most are somewhere in between. In the past five years the standard has lifted but it’s good to know what your rights are as a passenger and the best way to get…

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  • AI Athens

    Putting AI to the test. Is it any good for travel planning?

    The genie is out of the bottle, there is no turning back. AI is here to stay. Inevitably, it will form a large part of the travel planning space, so with that in mind, it was time for me to take it out for a test drive and see just how good its advice is…

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  • Giorgos Mazonakis Athens


    Where: Various locations in Athens
    When: September 2023
    Why Go: See the best of what’s on this season
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