Editorial Policy

Your trust is important to us

Why Athens brings readers fair and accurate editorial about what we feel is truly the best of Athens. Every post and article is written by Why Athens and only includes information that we love and believe in or as in most cases, after we have experienced it ourselves. Above all, it must we worthy of your time, energy and money. You will see our ‘Why Athens Favourite’ stamp throughout the site to reinforce our commitment to you.

Affiliate links and sponsorships

From time to time we may receive a discounted rate or a free experience as part of the reviewing process. This in no way impacts the editorial process we follow in assessing a product or service. It will only be included on this website if we believe it to be worthy enough. We will never suggest or recommend below average experiences.

On occasion, we may also use selected affiliate links where we may be eligible to earn a commission from the site linked. You always have the option of going directly to the vendor’s website but of course we appreciate the support. We adopt the same editorial policy for all affiliate links.

Why Athens could also receive sponsorship money from a company to be included in our website via sponsored posts, promotions or links. If this does occur, we will always disclose this to you. The same rigorous editorial policy is applied; working only with brands we trust and that can enhance your overall Athenian experience.