Epidaurus Theatre Why Athens City Guide
The ancient theatre of Epidaurus. Photograph: Ekaterina Pokrovsky/Shutterstock

Getting to the ancient theatre of Epidaurus from Athens

The Epidaurus Theatre

Visiting the Epidaurus theatre is an absolute highlight and particularly when there is a performance scheduled. There is something quite special about watching a play written by Sophocles that also premiered there in 440BC!

Regarded as the best preserved ancient theatre in Greece, it is famous for its perfect acoustics. It was constructed in the late 4th century BC around the time when Athens was flourishing in art, philosophy, science and of course theatre.


Performances are scheduled throughout the year and the annual Athens and Epidaurus Festival (June-August) puts together a full programme of ancient Greek drama, tragedy and comedy.

Getting there from Athens

The town of Palea Epidaurus is a two hour drive from the city of Athens. There are daily buses that can take you direct or via the pretty town of Nafplio. Buses depart from the Athens central bus depot in Kifisos, situated in the west part of Athens near the suburbs of Peristeri and Egaleo. Special bus timetables operate to co-ordinate with theatre performances. You will be able to catch a show and return to Athens in a day, as there are regular buses returning from Palea Epidaurus.

If you enjoy driving and prefer to be in charge of your own timetable, hiring a car is another good alternative. There are plenty of car hire operators around Athens.

Why Athens Tip: When hiring a car in Athens be aware there is often limited street parking. You should check the parking facilities of your hotel in advance, to avoid nasty parking fines!