Maria Callas Exhibition Athens
Maria Callas. Photograph: courtesy of B & M Theocharakis Foundation

Athens Events

With a vibrant cultural scene all year round, Athens events include an impressive mix of both local and international musicians, artists and dance groups. The city comes alive in the summer months where cinema screens move outdoors and plateias or neighbourhood squares are buzzing with music and festivities. From June-August every year, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival is in full swing with an abundance of events held at various iconic Athenian venues including Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre, located at the base of the southern slopes of the Acropolis.

The Athens events we list have been chosen to appeal to an international audience passing through Athens and we select events accordingly.

Events in Athens

The Megaron Athens Concert Hall and Greek National Theatre are two of the major modern day venues in Athens. In peak season and where possible, we recommend you pre-purchase your tickets or ask your hotel to assist you with this. We provide you with the venue address in English and Greek to overcome any language barriers with taxi drivers. We also provide the nearest metro station to an event, along with a map to assist with your travel arrangements.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

This is by far the crown jewel in the annual events calendar in Athens. Running now for more than 60 years, it presents local and international productions of Ancient Greek drama that celebrates the city’s cultural heritage. Athens is blessed with a network of ancient amphitheatres including Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Aristotle’s Lyceum and Lycabettus Theatre. Extending beyond Athens to the Attica region, performances can also be found at the Ancient Theatre of Delphi and the infamous Epidaurus Theatre. Check out our travel tips of getting to Epidaurus.

August Full Moon Festival

Every August on the night of the full moon, musical performances are held at key historic venues, including the Acropolis, the Roman Agora and other sites around Greece. Be sure to watch this space for updates.

  • Maria Callas Exhibition Athens

    MARIA CALLAS, a tribute exhibition

    Where: B & M Theocharakis Foundation, Syntagma
    When: 15 May – 29th October 2017
    Why Go: A personal perspective of the woman behind the legend

    Maria Callas, one of the world’s greatest opera divas of the twentieth century will be honoured in a rare exhibition titled ‘The Myth Lives On’, presented by the B & M Theocharakis Foundation. More than 200 personal affects belonging to Callas will be on display including theatre costumes, furs, jewellery, dresses and furniture. Handwritten letters…


    Where: Byzantine and Christian Museum
    When: On now – 29 October 2017
    Why Go: A closer look at Athens’ art scene of the 20th century

    2017 marks the 100th anniversary since the creation of the famous “Omada Techni” or “Art Group” which represents the birth of modernism in Greece. This latest exhibition at the Byzantine and Christian Museum aims to re-examine this group’s importance to the art scene in Athens during the 20th century. Omada Techni was created by Nikolaos…

  • Alfredo Romano Byzantine Museum Athens

    ALFREDO ROMANO at the Byzantine Museum

    Where: Byzantine and Christian Museum
    When: On now – 12 November 2017
    Why Go: See the acclaimed installations by contemporary artist Alfredo Romano

    The Galleria Giorgio Persano-Torino presents an exhibition by Italian artist Alfredo Romano, “Angelis suis mandavit de te”, at the Byzantine and Christian Museum. The exhibition includes works from the late 1980’s to the present day, together with works and installations made specifically for this exhibition in order to establish a specific and complex dialogue with…

  • Athens 1917 Benaki Museum Ancient Agora

    ATHENS 1917 an exhibition at the Benaki Museum

    Where: Benaki Museum, Pireos St Annex
    When: On now – 12 November 2017
    Why Go: Insights into Athens 100 years ago

    The Benaki Museum presents rare visual material taken 100 years ago of Athens. Archives from the French School of Athens have been compiled and presented for the first time. Compelling imagery taken in 1917 depicts what daily life in Athens would have been like a century ago. Numerous still and moving images were captured by…

  • Toulouse Lautrec Benaki Museum Athens

    HOMMAGE TO TOULOUSE – LAUTREC, a poster exhibition

    Where: Benaki Museum, Pireos St Annex
    When: 28 September – 12 November 2017
    Why Go: A tribute to an iconic French artist

    The 100-year anniversary exhibition honouring the work of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec in 2001 was a celebrated event in Paris which later toured around the world. It has now arrived in Athens and presented at the contemporary annexure of the Benaki Museum in central Athens. The original exhibition ‘Le Nouveau Salon des Cent’ included the works…

  • CHINESE XIEYI Exhibition EMST Athens

    CHINESE ART at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

    Where: National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)
    When: On now until 14 November 2017
    Why Go: Explore Chinese culture and tradition

    The exhibition of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) CHINESE XIEYI: Masterpieces from the National Art Museum of China is presented at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens (EMST), in the framework of the cultural exchange between Greece and China. The exhibition is grouped into three parts – freehand brushwork, imagery and artistic conception which provides…

  • Emotions exhibition Acropolis Museum

    EMOTIONS at the Acropolis Museum

    Where: The Acropolis Museum
    When: 18th July – 19th November, 2017
    Why Go: Insights into the ancient world and the emotions that ruled it

    Emotions, the exhibition from the Onassis Cultural Center New York arrives in Athens exploring the unseen world of emotions in the personal, social and political life of antiquity. An unusual archaeological exhibition that focuses on the portrayal of the ‘ethos of the soul’ in 129 ancient art-works. The exhibition will be displayed in a new…

  • whats on in athens events acropolis museum


    Where: Acropolis Museum
    When: On now - 31st December 2017
    Why Go: To get more out of your visit to the museum

    The Acropolis Museum hold events to enhance visitors experiences of the museum including complimentary* guided tours every Friday evening at 6:00pm (in English) led by an archaeologist who shares fascinating insights about the exhibits. Until 29th September. Duration: 60 minutes *Free with the price of normal admission Why Athens Tips: Limited to 40 visitors per…

  • Poseidon Bronze Odysseys National Archaeological Museum Athens

    ODYSSEYS at the National Archaeological Museum

    Where: National Archaeological Museum
    When: On now - 25th March 2018
    Why Go: To see a visual narration of mankind’s odyssey through time

    Stories of conquests, exploration and the desire to overcome immortality is weaved together in the National Archaeological Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘Odysseys’. Tracing the personal and collective endeavours of mankind over many periods of time, it is a fitting tribute to the museum’s 150 year anniversary.

  • Money Exhibition Museum Cycladic Art Athens

    MONEY – Tangible symbols in Ancient Greece

    Where: Museum of Cycladic Art
    When: 2 November – 15 April 2018
    Why Go: A historical and artistic look at ancient Greek coinage

    The Museum of Cycladic Art and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection collaborate for the first time to present the exhibition; ‘MONEY. Tangible symbols in ancient Greece’ (ΧΡΗΜΑ. Σύμβολα απτά στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα). Extraordinary samples of ancient coinage from the Alpha Bank collection will be presented. The exhibition theme relates to the diverse references and readings of the symbols…