MIKE KELLEY Museum of Cycladic Art Athens
Fortress of Solitude Exhibition. Photograph: Panos Kokkinias

Athens Events

With a vibrant cultural scene all year round, Athens events include an impressive mix of both local and international musicians, artists and dance groups. The city comes alive in the summer months where cinema screens move outdoors and plateias or neighbourhood squares are buzzing with music and festivities. From June-August every year, the Athens & Epidaurus Festival is in full swing with an abundance of events held at various iconic Athenian venues including Odeon of Herodes Atticus theatre, located at the base of the southern slopes of the Acropolis.

The Athens events we list have been chosen to appeal to an international audience passing through Athens and we select events accordingly.

Events in Athens

The Megaron Athens Concert Hall and Greek National Theatre are two of the major modern day venues in Athens. In peak season and where possible, we recommend you pre-purchase your tickets or ask your hotel to assist you with this. We provide you with the venue address in English and Greek to overcome any language barriers with taxi drivers. We also provide the nearest metro station to an event, along with a map to assist with your travel arrangements.

Athens & Epidaurus Festival

This is by far the crown jewel in the annual events calendar in Athens. Running now for more than 60 years, it presents local and international productions of Ancient Greek drama that celebrates the city’s cultural heritage. Athens is blessed with a network of ancient amphitheatres including Odeon of Herodes Atticus, Aristotle’s Lyceum and Lycabettus Theatre. Extending beyond Athens to the Attica region, performances can also be found at the Ancient Theatre of Delphi and the infamous Epidaurus Theatre. Check out our travel tips of getting to Epidaurus.

August Full Moon Festival

Every August on the night of the full moon, musical performances are held at key historic venues, including the Acropolis, the Roman Agora and other sites around Greece. Be sure to watch this space for updates.

  • MIKE KELLEY Museum of Cycladic Art Athens


    Where: Museum of Cycladic Art
    When: On now – 25 February 2018
    Why Go: See the first monographic exhibition of Mike Kelley in Athens

    The work of American artist Mike Kelley (1954 – 2012) comes to the Museum of Cycladic Art for his first solo exhibition, ‘Mike Kelley: Fortress of Solitude’. In collaboration with NEON organisation, the exhibition brings together a range of key works from across the artist’s career in order to reflect on the uncanny condition of psychological…


    Where: Byzantine & Christian Museum
    When: On now – 28 February 2018
    Why Go: Cycladic treasures never before exhibited

    Cycladic Snapshots: Men and Monuments presents the people who have worked to uncover, protect and promote archaeological excavations in the Cycladic islands from the late 19th century to the present. The narrative moves chronologically, starting from the first excavations on the islands of Delos and Rhenea where a splendid ancient sanctuary and bustling harbor was discovered….


    VAN GOGH ALIVE ATHENS – a multimedia exhibition

    Where: Megaron
    When: 7 November – 4 March 2018
    Why Go: For an immersive multimedia experience

    Van Gogh Alive comes to Athens, transporting visitors to another time and place, immersing them in the artist’s world. Adults and children alike, wander throughout the space, exploring nooks and crannies and engaging with the experience in a manner that transcends traditional installations. Explore the work and life experiences of this prolific artist during the…


    MONOCHROME – Nature, Landscapes, Cityscapes at Blank Wall Gallery

    Where: Blank Wall Gallery Athens
    When: 23 February – 8 March 2018
    Why Go: An exhibition for photography lovers

    The Blank Wall Gallery presents ‘Monochrome’, a photographic display of works by more than a hundred artists from around the world. The exhibition brings together photographs in monochrome to illustrate its different affects in portraying subjects. From nature, portraits to landscapes and cityscapes, this collection of work is poignant and full of character. Photography enthusiasts…

  • Antikythera Shipwreck dive exhibition Athens


    Where: The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation Historical Library
    When: On now – 18 March 2018
    Why Go: Latest findings from one of the world’s oldest & most significant shipwrecks

    The Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation is pleased to present The Antikythera Shipwreck: The Adventure Continues, an exhibition of new findings made at the underwater archaeological excavation from the renowned Antikythera shipwreck, which occurred around 50BC. The artefacts are displayed immersed in water tanks as they undergo desalination, while the show also includes discoveries from previous excavations. It…

  • Poseidon Bronze Odysseys National Archaeological Museum Athens

    ODYSSEYS at the National Archaeological Museum

    Where: National Archaeological Museum
    When: On now - 25th March 2018
    Why Go: To see a visual narration of mankind’s odyssey through time

    Stories of conquests, exploration and the desire to overcome immortality is weaved together in the National Archaeological Museum’s latest exhibition, ‘Odysseys’. Tracing the personal and collective endeavours of mankind over many periods of time, it is a fitting tribute to the museum’s 150 year anniversary.

  • OIL GARGLES Arbit City Breeder Gallery

    OIL GARGLES by Arbit City | The Breeder Gallery

    Where: The Breeder Art Gallery
    When: 15 March – 14 April 2018
    Why Go: A visual perspective of the maritime world

    Highlighting the dominant role of Greek Shippers in the international naval industry, Arbit City bring together facts and fiction, myths and polemic elements, medieval emblems and contemporary seascapes. Greek mythology and folklore, Sirens and Bacche, deities and demons, colliding tankers and near extinct narwhal whales construct the narration through which Arbit City express the competition and…

  • Money Exhibition Museum Cycladic Art Athens

    MONEY – Tangible symbols in Ancient Greece

    Where: Museum of Cycladic Art
    When: 2 November – 15 April 2018
    Why Go: A historical and artistic look at ancient Greek coinage

    The Museum of Cycladic Art and the Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection collaborate for the first time to present the exhibition; ‘MONEY. Tangible symbols in ancient Greece’ (ΧΡΗΜΑ. Σύμβολα απτά στην Αρχαία Ελλάδα). Extraordinary samples of ancient coinage from the Alpha Bank collection will be presented. The exhibition theme relates to the diverse references and readings of the symbols…

  • whats on in athens events acropolis museum


    Where: Acropolis Museum
    When: On now - 30 April 2018
    Why Go: To get more out of your visit to the museum

    The Acropolis Museum hold events to enhance visitors experiences of the museum including complimentary* guided tours every Friday evening at 6:00pm (in English) led by an archaeologist who shares fascinating insights about the exhibits. Duration: 60 minutes *Free with the price of normal admission Why Athens Tips: Limited to 40 visitors per session (first in…

  • Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Athens


    Where: Kotsanas Museum of Ancient Greek Technology
    When: Throughout March and April 2018
    Why Go: Discover contributions made to technology by the ancient Greeks

    The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology is the newest museum opening in Athens, founded by Kostas Kotsanas, that represents cutting edge technology from ancient Greece. This permanent exhibition space features hundreds of objects and fully-functioning replicas made by Kotsanas, using the same methods and materials as the originals. Housed in a historic Art Nouveau building,…

  • Emperor HADRIAN ATHENS National Archaeological Museum

    HADRIAN & ATHENS at the National Archaeological Museum

    Where: National Archaeological Museum
    When: On now through Nov 2018
    Why Go: See rare exhibits of the Roman Emperor Hadrian

    The National Archaeological Museum along with the Italian Archaeological School present ‘Hadrian and Athens, conversing with an Ideal World’ that marks 1900 years since the Roman Emperor Hadrian began his reign in 117AD. All of the 40 exhibits featured come from the National Archaeological Museum’s collections and gives visitors a unique opportunity to view exhibits…