Why Athens City Guide Greece

What is Why Athens?

Old World. New Beginnings. Capturing the old and new worlds of Athens

We couldn’t be more excited to be working on Why Athens right now. Athens is brimming with creative energy and we have our fingers firmly on the pulse and our cameras constantly at the ready. The truth is, we love telling stories and Athens plays the leading role so perfectly. There are so many fascinating tales to tell, from its illustrious history, to its dynamic new generation of entrepreneurs who are enhancing the city’s food, fashion, art and music offering. 

Our city guide: What, Where, How and When

For those of you planning a visit and who want more than moussaka and a quick tour of the Acropolis, our city guide has zeroed in on what to do and experience, where to stay, eat, shop and play, how to get around the city and when the best events will be on. It is not a guide that is packed with every bar and restaurant in town, instead you will find a carefully curated summary geared towards the discerning traveller and lover of history, good food, wine and cultural experiences.

A fresh approach

As an online cultural magazine that features our Athenian city guide, we’ve structured ourselves a little differently than most. We don’t wait around for freebies or sponsorships to write about a place, event or product. Instead, we’re motivated to seek out unique experiences ourselves, drawing from our years of personal knowledge living and travelling around Athens, to find the things, people and places that have something special to offer or that are distinctively Athenian. In this day and age, we think that’s a particularly fresh approach. We will always be transparent about any alliances or promotions in place with providers.

So on that note, we welcome you to Why Athens, the online cultural magazine dedicated to the capital and its people. We’re confident we will brighten up and enhance your experience of Athens, a city that is guaranteed to take you by surprise.