Weavings Exhibition Ghika Benaki Museum
A tapestry of the 1931 oil work 'Feast at the Beach' by the famous Greek artist Ghika.

WEAVINGS: Painting and Tapestry

Where: Benaki Museum - Pireos St Annexe
When: On now until 16 February 2020
Why Go: See tapestries of famous Greek art

A parallel perspective of paintings and tapestries by Greek artists from the 1960’s to today will be presented at the Benaki Museum’s Pireos St Annex in Athens.

The exhibition features paintings from the 1960s that were turned into tapestry by master weaver Ioannis Faitakis. Other textiles produced by Greek artists who worked in France and the United Kingdom will also be presented.

Weavings Exhibition Benaki Museum

The Mermaid 1960 by Spyros Vasileio (Left: The Tapestry, Right: The original painting)

Additionally, works by contemporary artists from 1980 to the present will demonstrate weaving craftmanship’s evolution into prominent fiber art installations and sculptures.


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