LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR Greek National Opera
Lucia di Lammermoor. Photograph: Stephen Cummiskey/GNO

LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR by the Greek National Opera

Where: Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center (SNFCC)
When: 10 March 2019
Why Go: See Donizetti's tragic masterpiece, an opera set in C19th Scotland

One of the masterpieces of the romantic Bel Canto period, Gaetano Donizetti’s Lucia di Lammermoor returns to the Greek National Opera, in a co-production with the London Royal Opera House of Covent Garden.

The famous British director Katie Mitchell endeavors to penetrate the world of 19th century women and view the plot from the perspective of the main heroine. As a counterpoint to the dark male-dominated world of the north imagined by Sir Walter Scott, Mitchell brings the female viewpoint to the fore and places the work in the overall context of literature from that time, in the style of works such as those by the Brontë Sisters.

LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR Greek National Opera Athens

Lucia di Lammermoor. Photo: STEPHEN CUMMISKEY

In Lucia, the stage is separated in two parts, as Mitchell suggests two parallel narratives: on the one side the audience watches all that is described in the opera’s libretto and on the other side light is shed on the events that take place in parallel, events which fill in the blanks of the narrative and reveal the work’s feminine aspect.

The wonderful sets and costumes, distinguished by their high aesthetic quality and rare detail, were designed by the exceptional British set designer Vicki Mortimer.

The lead role, which is vocally demanding, will be performed by the acclaimed Greek sopranos Christina Poulitsi and Vasiliki Karagianni. The production will be conducted by Pierre Dumoussaud.

Why Athens Tip: The performance of Lucia di Lammermoor will feature subtitles in both English and Greek.

LUCIA DI LAMMERMOOR Greek National Opera


The Stavros Niarchos Hall is the main auditorium of the opera wing found inside SNFCC complex. Designed by the acclaimed Renzo Piano, it comprises of 1400 seats with outstanding acoustics designed to stage traditional operas and ballets. It became the new home of the Greek National Opera in 2017.

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