Cine Paris Cinema Plaka Athens
Photograph: Why Athens. Vintage posters at Cine Paris

Cine Paris Plaka

What & Where: Outdoor cinema, Plaka
Why Go: For an out of the ordinary way to experience Athens
We Loved: Watching a film with a view

The summer months in Athens brings movie screens outdoors across many neighbourhoods in the city and is a perfect way to relax and enjoy the weather.

Cine Paris in Plaka has been doing just that for the last 30 years. In summer, its rooftop garden is transformed into the ideal Athens cinema, with the view of the Parthenon clearly in the background.

Their movies are mostly nostalgic and are played in English or occasionally with English subtitles. It’s a great way to reminisce with the classics. If you’re an old movie buff, you will enjoy browsing through their shop of vintage posters