Through the thread of time with KLOTHO

A Cretan brand with a modern take on handwoven bags and clothing

With a desire to support local designers and the talented artisans of Greece, we went in search of the people and brands who are producing things the old fashion way with a passion for craftsmanship. We found all of this and more in KLOTHO from Rethymno in Crete, who bring the cultural history and heritage of Greece into each and every item they make.


Anastasia speaks with Klotho founder Alexandra Theohari at her workshop in Crete

Hand stitched and embroidered bags are enriched with the colourful and dense motifs of Crete and garments are woven on antique looms from beginning to end. Threads and fabrics are sourced from all over the country most of which have a heritage of their own, including premium-quality silks from Soufli in Northern Greece that have been produced there since Byzantium.




This calf leather messenger bag is assembled by hand, featuring the traditional Cretan “Agkira” or Anchor motif. Hand embroidered front and back, using premium Greek threads and fabric. 


Klotho Anchor Bag Why Athens Agora I

This timeless pattern from Crete is made using time honoured needle techniques, hand embroidered by Cretan artisans.


KLOTHO Anchor Bag PatternKlotho Anchor Bag Why Athens Agora III