Where: Acropolis Museum
When: Throughout Summer 2023
Why Go: Experience events & educational walks at one of the world's greatest museums

The Acropolis Museum has counted more than 15 million people through its doors since opening in 2009. Visitors can expect a full programme of exhibitions, lectures, musical interludes along with the fascinating excavation area beneath the museum that was once an ancient Athenian neighbourhood.

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Open now with the price of museum entry

The archaeological excavation that lies beneath the museum is open to the public, The excavated area of 4,000 sq. meters comprises of houses, workshops, baths and streets of an ancient Athenian neighbourhood that existed from the classical to the Byzantine years, in successive phases.

Acropolis Museum Events Underfloor Exhibition

Restoration experts at the underfloor archaeological site at the Acropolis Museum. Photograph: Why Athens

A *free archaeologist led walk is conducted every Friday at 11:00am (in English) and 1:00pm (in Greek)

Take a closer look at the houses with their courtyards and wells. Enter the heart of the impressive mansions with the private baths. Examine the workshops with the water reservoirs and take a magical stroll through time, history and the daily life of the people who lived by the shadow of the Acropolis’ rock for over 4.500 years.

*These walks are complimentary with the regular price of entry. Duration: 45 minutes. Register here


20+1 masterpieces

Every Saturday at 10:30am in English (12:30pm in Greek)

A complimentary* guided walk every Saturday morning at 10:30am (in English) led by an archaeologist who will uncover the hidden stories of 20+1 masterpieces. Myths and fables, folklores and traditions, historical milestones and human stories transform into art and weave a vivid experience during an outstanding walk around the museum’s galleries.

*The gallery walks are complimentary with the regular price of entry. Duration: 90 minutes. Register here

Acropolis Museum hekatompedon

Pieces of a past existence during the Archaic period. Photograph: copyright Why Athens

Why Athens Tips: Limited to 30 visitors per session (first in best dressed). Register in advance here

The world of employment in ancient Athens

Every Sunday at 11:00am in English (1:00pm in Greek) – Gallery Walk*

A new thematic section in the Archaic Acropolis Gallery and three ceramic vases from the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston narrate stories about people of employment in ancient Athens. Who were these people, what were their professions and how did they practice them? What was their place within the local community and how did they fit in it? In what way did they contribute to social and political changes of the time and how did they affect those changes? The museum’s archaeologists will lead the discussion on, not only the world of employment in ancient Athens, but also the persons behind these masterful creations that have survived to this day.

Acropolis Museum Events Archaic Gallery

Photograph: Inside the Archaic Gallery by Paris Tavidian

*The gallery walks are complimentary with the regular price of entry. Duration: 60 minutes. Register here

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