China Anhui Art Troupe Athens, why Athens
Photograph: Courtesy of Megaron. The talented China Anhui Art Troupe comes to Athens

China Anhui Art Troupe

Where: Megaron, Athens Concert Hall
When: 27th January 2016

Why Go:

The renowned China Anhui Art Troupe performs in Athens for one show only. Discover the heritage of Chinese culture through this art performance that is inspired by the cultural art forms and traditions of Anhui province. Combining the choreography of eastern ballet with excerpts from Huangmei opera, it is set to be a visual feast and an entertaining departure to the Far East. Audiences will also enjoy acrobatics, marshal arts and soft Chinese folk melodies.

This event is part of the Bridges Series and is taking place in collaboration with the Athens Embassy of the People’s Republic of China. An evening celebrating the artistic talents of Chinese culture that is ideal for the whole family.