A jewel made in Greece, why athens guide
Photograph: A Modern Greek necklace by designer Karampatzaki, courtesy of A Jewel Made in Greece

EXHIBITION: A Jewel Made in Greece

Where: Technopolis of Athens
When: 25th-29th February 2016

Why Go:

Returning for its second exhibition at the Technopolis of Athens, ‘A Jewel made in Greece’ presents the works of more than 30 established up and coming Greek jewellery designers.

The exhibition will provide visitors with a collection of pieces that are influenced by ancient Greek adornments. From Mycenaean masks, Byzantine silver wedding crowns to Macedonian burial wreaths, each has been re-imagined as a contemporary creation.

A Jewel made in Greece, why athens guide

Photograph: Necklace by Marios Voutsinas, courtesy of A Jewel made in Greece

Visitors will have the opportunity of voting for their favourite pieces of jewellery, with the most popular to emerge as ‘A jewel made in Greece’ for 2016. Emerging designers’ will also display a collection titled ‘Material Practice’ that have been created using only metal and alternative raw materials. Renowned Greek fashion designer, Andrea Thomais, will lead a fashion show, merging her jewellery creations into her garments.

The exhibition will extend through to 31st March 2016, at Athens International Airport.