Sonke, why athens guide
Photograph: Sonke's work has become synonymous with Athens and is found in public spaces all around the city

EXHIBITION: ‘There’s always something missing’ by Sonke

Where: ArtZone 42 Gallery
When: 11th February - 5th March 2016

Why Go:

If you walk around Athens enough, you will come across Alexandros Skoutariotis’ (a.k.a ‘Sonke’) curly haired princesses that are painted all over the city’s walls. With her long neck, closed eyes and swirling hair, her character was created some years ago, following the end of a love affair. The murals have evolved over time, from symbols of loss and sadness to ones of hope, love and friendship.

Sonke, why athens guide

Photograph: Sonke’s latest work to be featured in the exhibition

Art Zone 42 Gallery presents Sonke’s latest exhibition, ‘There’s always something missing’ that explores relationships and the quest for meaning, freedom and emancipation. His portrayal of his female as autonomous, is an important conceptual theme in his work.

Sonke, Why Athens guide

Photograph: Sonke’s work in the neighbourhood of Psirri, Athens

Skoutariotis was born in Athens in 1984. He studied applied art and has worked as a drawing and sketch teacher at the Community Centre of Amarousio. He has been active in public space artwork since 1998. He has presented various personal and group exhibitions in Greece, France, Belgium, Italy, Germany, Austria, Turkey and the USA.