Theodoros Kepas
Photograph: Expressive work by Theodoros Kepas, courtesy of Chilli Art Gallery

EXHIBITION: The Insider by Theodoros Kepas

Where: Chili Art Gallery
When: 5th - 19th February 2016

Why Go:

Chili Art Gallery presents “The Insider” by Greek artist Theodoros Kepas. The exhibition, which includes 40 oil paintings on canvas, explores human emotions and the uncertainties of post-modern relationships using dramatic expressionism.

Theodoros Kepas

Photograph: Moving artwork by Theodoros Kepas, courtesy of Chilli Art Gallery

Kepas’ work is influenced by Oscar Kokoschka, Edvard Munch and Jean Dubuffet to produce poignant, powerful and expressive paintings. He studied painting for 11 years, under the supervision of Greek painter Dimitris Maninis.

He is a founding member of the Association for Culture HERAKLEITOS and is a member of UNESCO Arts, Literature and Science. He lives and works in Athens.