Valentines Day Athens
Photograph: Tango maestros Marianna Koutandou and Vangelis Hatzopoulos, courtesy of Megaron

St Valentine goes to Megaron

Where: Megaron, Athens Concert Hall
When: 13th -14th February 2016

Why Go:

Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Athens with music and dance in a two-day series of events at Megaron. Day one kicks off with the theme of  “Tango en Eros,” the dance of love.  A live musical performance, “En Eros – Tango Acropolis Show” will feature quintet, Tangarto and “Noche de Tango y Milonga” will have you dancing until dawn, with live music provided by the Hamburg Tango Quintet.

On Valentines Day, The Athens State Orchestra will perform “Love Stories,” a concert with songs and movie themes about love.

Valentines Day Athens Why Athens

Photograph: Greek pastry chef Stelios Parliaros, courtesy of Megaron

For a very sweet treat, celebrity pastry chef Stelios Parliaros will be appearing at the M Shop Café to present his new sweet creation “Preludio” and will be offering free hot chocolate with pepper notes to all guests.

Valentine’s Day is set to be a lively, passionate and sweet affair at Megaron.