Giles gagosian athens
Giles at Gagosian Gallery, Athens. Left: The Daisy by Louise Bonnet, 2016. Oil on canvas. Courtesy of Louise Bonnet and MIER Gallery. Right: Welcome, Plan of Action by Frances Stark, 2014. Image courtesy the artist and Marc Foxx Gallery, Los Angeles. Photo by: Robert Wedemeyer.

GILES: Gagosian Gallery, Athens

Where: Gagosian Gallery
When: 22nd September to 26th November, 2016
Why Go: To see modern day art inspired by a 1960s cult novel

Gagosian Gallery in Athens presents Giles a group exhibition curated by Artemis Baltoyanni and inspired by John Barth’s 1966 comic novel Giles Goat-Boy. Taking Barth’s novel as a point of departure, the artists included in this exhibition summon up Giles Goat-Boy’s unmistakable spirit of self-reflection and dark humour. Alter egos, self-portraits and orphaned parts of the body emerge throughout the artworks on display.

Giles Gagosian Athens

Giles at Gagosian Gallery, Athens. Intangible Economies of Desires #1 2016 by Anna K.E. Photograph, Drawing, Aluminum, Glass, Plastic, Wood Frame. Courtesy of the artist and Simone Subal Gallery.

Participating artists include: FLAME, Louise Bonnet, Maurizio Cattelan, Dan Finsel, Apostolos Georgiou, Matthew Hansel, Anna K.E., Sanya Kantarovsky, Josh Kline, Friedrich Kunath, Calvin Marcus, Frances Stark, Andra Ursuta, Jan Kiefer, Nicolas Grenier, and Cindy Sherman.

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About Gagosian Gallery, Athens

Gagosian Gallery Athens is part of a network of galleries established by Larry Gagosian in Los Angeles in 1980 to cater to modern and contemporary art. Since then it has expanded to 16 exhibition spaces worldwide, including New York, San Francisco, London, Paris, Rome, Geneva and Hong Kong.

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