Emperor HADRIAN ATHENS National Archaeological Museum
The portrait bust of Hadrian in an imaginary conversation with philosophers and nobleman of the time. Photograph: NAM (Archaeological Receipts Fund)

HADRIAN & ATHENS at the National Archaeological Museum

Where: National Archaeological Museum
When: On now through Nov 2018
Why Go: See rare exhibits of the Roman Emperor Hadrian

The National Archaeological Museum along with the Italian Archaeological School present ‘Hadrian and Athens, conversing with an Ideal World’ that marks 1900 years since the Roman Emperor Hadrian began his reign in 117AD.

Emperor HADRIAN ATHENS National Archaeological Museum

Marble bust of the emperor Hadrian found in Athens in 1933. Photograph: NAM (Archaeological Receipts Fund)

All of the 40 exhibits featured come from the National Archaeological Museum’s collections and gives visitors a unique opportunity to view exhibits that showcase Hadrian’s philhellenism, highlighting his immense and enduring legacy. Portraits and sculptures of the Emperor Hadrian are on display along with emblematic figures in Greek philosophical thought including, Plato and Aristoteles.

Hadrian decisively integrated Greek intelligence with Roman tradition forging a common cultural base that served as a fundamental element in western culture and creating a deep spiritual affinity between Hellenic and Roman culture. The exhibition is a testimony to Hadrian’s presence in Athens and the kindness and beneficence he showed its citizens.

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