Photograph by Manos Sparis, part of the Travelling exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery

Travelling – a photo exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery

Where: Blank Wall Gallery
When: 10th to 23rd September 2016
Why Go: To see a curated collection of travel photography

The Blank Wall Gallery presents its latest group exhibition Travelling, a collection of works by fourteen photographers from around the world. This curated exhibition offers poignant images of places visited, capturing a modern narrative often against the backdrop of ancient cities, rituals and old world architecture.


Myanmar, Mandalay, © Alain Schroeder. Stone carving in Mandalay, Myanmar, part of the Travelling exhibition at Blank Wall Gallery.
In a neighbourhood where the leaves on the trees are bright white and a shower of fine dust from noisy power tools sprays into the air, the stone cutters of Mandalay sit side by side sculpting buddhas and other religious objects. The layer of fine white particles that settles on their skin, hair, eye lashes and nostrils, enhances the blood-red colour of their irritated eyes testifying to the ardent working conditions that these men and often very young boys endure.

These emerging photographers remind us just how much travel and photography can broaden our perspective and awareness of the world around us. The exhibition is thoughtfully curated by avid Greek photographer Mark Dolopikos, who exhibited a series of black-and-white photos in Berlin capturing three decades of living in Athens.

About Blank Wall Gallery

The Blank Wall Gallery is located in the central district of Kypseli dedicated to contemporary photography. Established by photographers, the space provides local and international emerging talent a place to exhibit their work to a global audience.