Women of Passion Why Athens
Photograph: courtesy of To Treno sto Rouf


Where: Railway Carriage Theatre
When: Saturday evenings, throughout June & July 2023
Why Go: A symbolic journey by train from ancient to modern Greece

Following successful tours in Australia, Brussels, New Delhi and Bangalore, the powerful one woman show, Women of Passion, Women of Greece returns to Athens this summer.

An old wagon is transformed into a theatrical stage, where the mythological figure of ancient Greek tragedy Medea, meets the contemporary “priestesses” of modern Greece, Maria Callas and Melina Mercouri. Three women of passion, women of Greece, legends of art and life. Their paths are different, yet they have one common characteristic; they are passionate women, incorporating the temperament and values of Greek spirit with a shared ‘pathos’ for life, love, art, creativity, freedom and democracy.

Women of Passion Why Athens

Melina Mercouri performed by Evelina Arapidi. Photograph: courtesy of To Treno Sto Rouf

Medea, the tragic figure of ancient Greek drama, blinded by her deep love for her husband, murdered her own children. Maria Callas, the internationally celebrated opera diva, devoted her life to music and let her fate be sealed by a fatal romance. Μelina Mercouri, one of the most beloved Greek actresses, singer and politician, who starred in the most well-known international films, fought for culture and democracy. These ancient and modern stories unfold at To Treno sto Rouf, an old carriageway that has been converted into an impressive theatrical space.

Duration: 60 minutes. This theatrical performance is in English.


Written by Eugenia Arsenis. Directed by Tatiana Ligari. Starring Evelina Arapidi in all three roles. Music by Fotis Mylonas.


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