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KLOTHO restores an almost lost tradition from Crete

A collection of handmade woven bags and accessories that capture the simplicity of classical Greece


Drawing inspiration from the traditional art of weaving in Crete, KLOTHO creates unique clothes, bags and objects using Cretan techniques combined with the motifs and patterns of classical Greece. Founder Alexandra Theohari brings her personal experience, passion and studies in Art History to reimagine Cretan woven fabrics and in the process, has reinvigorated an almost lost art form.

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The entire production process occurs in Klotho’s studio which was set up in Rethymno to support the local economy. To be true to this ancient practice, products are handmade, producing short run collections or on demand.

Alexandra’s collections adopt well-known historical motifs that are characterised by pure, geometric lines and minimalist designs that are deeply rooted in the simplicity of classical Greece. KLOTHO aims to spread the traditional arts of Crete, creating objects with added cultural value that appeal to the modern woman, who is looking for more than just a fashion statement. Alexandra says,

“The process is done in the traditional weaving method. It’s not a motorised process at all. The pattern is chosen and woven on the traditional wooden looms as we remembered them from our grandmothers.”


Klotho Crete Anchor Bag Why Athens

The Anchor Bag by Klotho. Photograph: Klotho

KLOTHO offers a very authentic part of Greece that is also the epitome of Greek chic. Products can be found in selected stores around Greece.

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