Kostas best souvlaki in Athens
Kostas Souvlaki in Athens Photograph: Why Athens

Kostas souvlaki

Where: Plaka/Syntagma
Why Go: For the one of the best souvlaki spots in central Athens
We Loved: The guilt-free taste sensation

Kostas has managed to uphold a 65-year-old tradition, serving the one of the best souvlaki in Athens. Today, it is run by his grandson (you guessed it) Kostas junior and it seems the secrets have been passed along too.

Despite its no frills unassuming presence, the simple offering is full of integrity with fresh ingredients and quality meats. There are no fries or dollops of overpowering Tzatziki drizzled over greasy meat in oily pita bread that you will find a short walk up the road.

Kostas Best souvlaki in Athens

Photograph: Tasty souvlaki wrapped in pita from Kostas

Kostas assembles his delicate flavours with a dry, grease free pita; pork souvlaki, Greek strained yoghurt, a scattering of onions, a few slices of tomato and finished off with parsley, salt and paprika to taste. Red chili pepper is optional.

It really doesn’t get any better and the daily line ups confirm it. The simple things in life are often the best.

Why Athens Tip: Try and go a little before lunch to avoid the line up. By 3pm, Kostas is usually sold out and packing it up for the day.

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