Ladolea Olive Oil
Ladolea oils in their signature clay "aryballos". Photograph by Ladolea.

LADOLEA, an emerging extra virgin olive oil from Corinth


Brothers, Thanos and Panos Kloutsiniotis established Ladolea three years ago, an emerging olive oil brand that pays tribute to their seaside village of Melissi in the historical region of Corinth in the Peloponnese. Focusing on two indigenous varieties; “megaritiki” that has an intense fruitiness and a pungent aftertaste and “koutsourelia” with a delicate and sweet aroma, both varieties are harvested when the fruit is still unripe and green. This allows the olives to impart their fruity and pungent notes when they’re at their best and are grown in a mountainous terrain by the sea.


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Their brand offers superior quality extra virgin olive oil that is presented in handmade clay pots that are inspired by Corinthian “aryballos” or ancient pots dating back to 700 BC which were used by athletes during bathing or to pour olive oil over themselves before major competitions. They were also used by the aristocracy of the time to preserve their aromatic essential oils. Thanos and Panos work with specialists to ensure the best possible quality in all stages of production. “We collaborate directly with selected olive producers and offer them consultation and seminars”, says Panos, a chemical engineer who deals with production and quality control.


“Their only concern is how to cultivate the olives properly, and we take care of the oil extraction process”.


Ladolea olive oil

Handmade Ladolea pots. Photograph by Ladolea

With a background in economics, Thanos deals with the business side of Ladolea. In addition to Greece, their products are available in concept stores, delicatessen and boutique hotels in France, Germany, Belgium and the US, with plans to expand into new markets. At present, they are preparing to launch refills for both Ladolea so that the original handmade clay pot can be reused. They are also experimenting on an additional singular olive oil variety to expand their offering.

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Parts of the video were filmed at the oil mill plant of Spyros Apostolopoulos, in the area of Ancient Sikyon (Vassiliko) in Corinth.

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Credits: Direction & Post Production: Alexis Skoulidis, Camera & Director of Photography: Konstantinos Grigorakakis ( Make‐up: Nikoleta Drougka Interviews & Subtitles: Paris Kormaris, Project Manager: Agapi Tsakpinoglou.


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