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‘Sun of a Beach’, towels and accessories

It’s time in the sun for another Greek start up from Athens

The summer beach routine is one of the most loved past times in Greece and so it’s only natural that it has been perfected and done in style by natives of the outdoor lifestyle. Melina Pispa and Ellie Rountou of emerging brand Sun of a beach, have brought their memories of fun in the sun into practical good use, sprucing up the humble beach towel with fluffy premium cottons and striking prints for men, women and tiny tots.

“We appeal to those who love summer time, enjoy travelling and consider the beach towel to be the most important summer accessory,”

says Ellie, “We offer high quality products, influenced by modern life, the arts, Mediterranean aesthetics and fashion”. And fashion has always been on their radar, thanks to Ellie’s experience working as a fashion editor for the Greek edition of Elle magazine and Melina who started her eponymous fashion label in 2004.


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They joined forces in 2012, a bold move at the height of the recession, to create Sun of a Beach, deciding early on to keep production in Greece not only to manage and ensure high quality production standards, but as a way to boost the country’s productive potential as much as they could.

“Even in the middle of the recession, people loved our products,”

says Melina. Sun of a Beach products are available in more than 30 stores around Greece and can be found overseas and via their online store which offers worldwide delivery. Melina and Ellie have now expanded the Sun of a Beach range to include beach bags, pouches, backpacks and vests. They also custom-make products for hotels who want to offer their guests high quality, branded pool towels.

Sun of a beach

“Seahorse” is one of the three limited edition prints created to raise awareness for the endangered species of the Mediterranean Sea. Photograph: by Sun of a Beach

They have collaborated with artists, often exploring ecological issues such as endangered species of the sea, giving a percentage of profits to the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Their respect and care for their environment extends to their delivery system in and around Athens, which are made by bike messenger.

Sun of a Beach was among the ten shortlisted business initiatives for the Hellenic Entrepreneurship Award in 2015.


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