Katerina Koskina National Museum of contemporary Art Athens

The woman behind Athens’ new National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST)

Director of EMST, Katerina Koskina discusses art and culture ahead of the museum's official opening


Katerina Koskina is the driving force behind the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST). A strong, bright, modern woman who is passionate about establishing the museum in the hearts of visitors and the citizens of Athens. As an art historian and now the director of the museum, she believes that contemporary art is a reflection of the world today and offers an alternative way of dealing with life.

“The history of humanity is full of hardship. And through these times I think we must arm ourselves with courage, strength and faith, that is all we can do. We must be open, transparent and understand that team work and collectiveness is a powerful weapon. Just like this museum, things have greater chance for success when we work together.”


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About the National Museum of contemporary Art (EMST)

EMST was reconstructed on the site of the former Fix brewery and was tied up in a bureaucratic battle lasting more than a decade, forcing the museum to remain closed to the public. In 2016, EMST held its first large scale exhibition and has become the official venue for documenta14, one of Europe’s most important modern art exhibitions, shown for the first time in its 62-year history, outside the German city of Kassel. EMST is expected to officially open sometime in 2017. The museum’s permanent collection is made up of over 1,000 works by Greek and foreign artists, including Lucas Samaras, Bill Viola, Nan Goldin, and Shirin Nasat.

W. emst.gr T.+30 211 101 9000

Kallirros Ave and Amvr. Frantzi Street, Athens

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