Photo Stories Athens Sunflower Mythology
The Sunflower is part of Greek mythology. Photo Stories from Athens Greece.

Athenian Stories

With a depth of talent in the city, it seemed imperative that we share and celebrate the stories of people with big ideas, who are starting new businesses, despite the hard economic times. It is the people that make up a city and Athenians are dynamic, creative and talented. Above all they’re brave. Athenian Stories is about those who are bold enough to have a go. You will also find cultural stories that make up the many parts of Athens today, including food, trends and modern architecture.

  • Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

    Getting retrosexual in Athens

    A vintage shop in the heart of Athens provides a pleasant departure back in time, away from the economic doom and gloom of recent times.

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  • Greece Photo Workshops

    Capturing the joy of life

    Photography is a Greek word. It’s literal translation being ‘drawing with light’.  Who would have thought when we stopped putting film in our cameras and loading them with small memory cards instead, it was the dawn of a visual orgy. The ‘drawing with light’ definition has also somewhat evolved. Today, millions of photos are uploaded…

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  • Taxi beat Athens Nikos Drandakis

    Leave your troubles at the door and come and work for Taxibeat

    If you are a young techie living in Athens right now, you would want to work for Nikos Drandakis, co-founder of Taxibeat, where he is focused on creating one of the best workplaces in the city. Free Kindles, a compulsory ‘work free’ day every month to simply read a book or pursue personal interests, are…

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