Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens
The Retrosexual Vintage Shop. Photograph: Why Athens

Getting retrosexual in Athens

A vintage shop in the heart of Athens provides a pleasant departure back in time, away from the economic doom and gloom of recent times


I grew up with VHS tapes. LPs, Walkmans and the Polaroid camera.

There are some things from my adolescent days that will always bring a smile to my face and I know one day when I share it with my children, they will think I walked with the dinosaurs.

To be honest, I feel fortunate that I got to see the transition into this fast, connected world of ours. In case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you that before iTunes and Spotify, there were mixed tapes, the ones you would spend hours compiling from the radio’s weekly top 40. Before Instagram, we would drop off our film to be developed and return a few days later, somewhat disappointed with the crappy holiday snaps we took.

There is something quite wonderful about objects from the past and how much nostalgia they can invoke in us. Retrosexual Vintage Shop in Athens is the perfect throw back to all things retro and vintage, lovingly curated and restored by industrial designer Joe Petropoulos with his team of researchers and technicians.

Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

Joe Petropoulos a true ‘retrosexual’ outside his store in Athens. Photograph: courtesy of Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

His shop, which is located close to the hip and happening Agias Irinis Square, is one of the few in Athens. It is filled with authentic pieces sourced from around the world, providing a global perspective of modernism and post-modernism. Joe tells me,

“The aim of Retrosexual is to showcase vintage culture in its entirety. When we return to the past, we are inspired to create a better future.”

His favourite design period is mid-century Space Age furniture, but you will also find genuine pieces from the 1920’s through to the 1980’s. Objects are restored exactly as they would have been presented at the time, under his design name ‘Joe Pe’. He is diligent about researching and authentically restoring pieces according to the era.

Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

Vintage goods at the Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

The shop, which was established in 1958 by his family, originally repaired electronic goods and appliances. A lasting impression was obviously made and Joe went on to study industrial design, followed by a Masters degree in History of Design. He launched his brand Retrosexual four years ago and has become the local go to expert. Television channels and local restaurants seek out his very acute eye for interior, editorial and set styling.

The essence of the shop he says is, “a return to romanticism.” You will find everything here from vintage inspired sunglasses and accessories, to retro lighting and Pepsi-Cola drinking glasses. A short walk down the road lies his underground studio, where Joe recreates and photographs rooms and scenes from the ‘50’s and 60’s.

Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens

Staging and products at the Retrosexual Vintage Shop Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

Retrosexual Vintage Shop is a fun departure back in time in the heart of Athens, away from the economic doom and gloom. A much needed reminder that change is a certainty and something you can always rely on.

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We would like to thank Joe Petropoulos for his participation and assistance with this article. This post was not sponsored in any way and as always all opinions are our own.


Retrosexual Vintage Shop

3 Agias Irinis, Athens
T. +30 210 545 1553