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With a depth of talent in the city, it seemed imperative that we share and celebrate the stories of people with big ideas, who are starting new businesses, despite the hard economic times. It is the people that make up a city and Athenians are dynamic, creative and talented. Above all they’re brave. Athenian Stories is about those who are bold enough to have a go. You will also find cultural stories that make up the many parts of Athens today, including food, trends and modern architecture.

  • Ancient Greek Meze Why Athens City Guide

    Greek meze and the evocative flavours of Greece

    Enjoying Greek meze is a treasured eating experience in Greece and a way of life that can be traced back to ancient times. It’s a perfect and uncomplicated way to catch up with friends over a few plates of simple tasty food and letting the wine or spirits flow. Eating meze is not an appetiser…

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  • Greek Olive Oil best

    The new generation of Greek olive oil

    A new generation of Greek olive oil producers are determined to capture the attention of international markets to ultimately convince buyers that Greek is best. Although it is undisputed locally, Greek extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) hasn’t been able to gain the same cachet that its Italian and Spanish competitors have been able to achieve….

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  • Queen Calliope Karvounis Athens

    Greece is light for Queen Calliope

    Internationally accomplished Greek photographer Calliope Karvounis bestows some light on troubled Greece through her latest book Children of the Light.

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  • Greece Year Zero Movie

    Greece Year Zero

    Greek-Canadian filmmaker Dannis Koromilas reflects on a sometimes heartbreaking journey in making his latest film, Greece Year Zero, an essay film documenting the last 100 years of Greece's modern history to give perspective on the Greek crisis.

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  • Karamanlidika why athens

    Paying homage to the ‘Karamanlides’ brings a sensory experience to Athens

    Regional cooking is back in fashion and one Athenian ‘mezetzidiko’ transports us back to the culinary delights of ancient Anatolia.

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  • fig salad recipe Greek Meze

    A refreshing fig salad recipe

    There is nothing quite like the unique taste and texture of fresh figs. They feature in Greek mythology often associated with Dionysus the god of wine. This refreshing fig salad recipe pairs ripe figs with tangy balsamic vinegar and drops of honey for a salad dish the ancients would no doubt devour.   Ingredients: 8-10 fresh figs…

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