Champagne Opening Duchess Moan Warehouse Athens

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Going beyond the Acropolis and ancient ruins, our Athens videos share the stories that make modern Athens unique. From its culture, food and lifestyle to its passionate and talented citizens. Athens is a vibrant, dynamic and expressive city in the midst of great change. Now is the time to really get to know her.

  • Champagne Opening Duchess Moan Warehouse Athens

    “The Duchess Moan” at Warehouse CO2 in Athens

    The secret to opening a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine lies in a particular effervescent sound known by wine aficionados as “the Duchess Moan”. Our champagne and sparkling wine expert in Athens spills the beans and eloquently explains. If you love your champagne and other sparkling varieties, you can savour the flavours from Greece…

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  • Klotho Collection Crete Why Athens City Guide

    Through the thread of time with KLOTHO

    With a desire to support local designers and the talented artisans of Greece, we went in search of the people and brands who are producing things the old fashion way with a passion for craftsmanship. We found all of this and more in KLOTHO from Rethymno in Crete, who bring the cultural history and heritage…

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  • best Greek Ceramics

    Find it in Athens: In search of the best Greek ceramics

    Why Athens went in search of the best Greek ceramics in Athens and found a very special workshop using ancient ceramic making techniques with the highest quality workmanship we’ve seen. Black glazing and Athenian pottery making flourished during the 5th and 6th centuries BC but the methods the ancient Greeks used eluded even the best scholars. Today,…

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  • Best Greek coffee in Athens

    Find it in Athens: In search of the best Greek coffee

    Mokka Speacialty Coffee Why Athens went in search of the best Greek coffee in Athens and found a very special place to enjoy the perfect cup. Mokka Coffee located in the market district of Athens, makes a smooth velvety ‘Ellinikos Kafes’ every time. The secret lies not just in their freshly ground coffee but also in…

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  • Pie Works why athens

    Find it in Athens: In search of the best Greek Pies

    Why Athens discovers a new type of pie that goes beyond the traditional 'spanakopita' to making delicious meals wrapped in light, crispy pastry.

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  • Children of the Light by CALLIOPE

    Internationally accomplished Greek photographer Calliope Karvounis discusses her latest book Children of the Light with Why Athens, a portrait of Greece as Calliope sees it. Having lived most of her life overseas, Calliope captures Greece with a renewed vision and a special kind of love and appreciation that expanded after living away from home. Read more about Calliope Karvounis.

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