Find it in Athens: In search of the best Greek coffee


Mokka Speacialty Coffee

Why Athens went in search of the best Greek coffee in Athens and found a very special place to enjoy the perfect cup.

Mokka Coffee located in the market district of Athens, makes a smooth velvety ‘Ellinikos Kafes’ every time. The secret lies not just in their freshly ground coffee but also in their method.

The method

After filling a coffee pot or ‘briki’ with water, sugar is added (to taste) before the coffee shot. One measure of coffee is used for each demitasse cup. The briki is left to stand on hot sand, which provides a consistent slow heat for the coffee to brew. It is only stirred once. After approximately three minutes, the coffee starts to rise and develop a foam over the top just prior to reaching boiling point at which point it is removed from its heat.

The foam is called kaimaki (καϊμάκι, pronounced kaee-MAH-kee) and the richer the foam, the better Greeks like it. It’s fascinating to watch and tastes as good as it looks.

Find it in Athens is a video series that searches for authentic Greek tastes and flavours in Athens.