Couleur Locale
Rooftop bar at Couleur Locale

Athens Nightlife: Couleur Locale

Where: Central, short walk from Monastiraki square
Why Go: For great views and a local vibe
We Loved: Atmospheric lighting, moody music. Delicious cocktails at local prices

Having opened in the summer of 2014, this bar has had some time to gather a local clientele and as the name suggests, you do get a real sense of the Couleur Locale not just from the native crowd but by observing the view of old Monastiraki.

Hidden in the back streets not far from Monastiraki Square, you will find what is a very discreet entrance via a small arcade of antiques and bric-a brac shops. I got the feeling the locals were holding onto a secret they were not quite ready to share.

When I exited a small lift onto the third floor, I could see why. A large magical rooftop terrace appeared, illuminated in blue and packed with a fashionable crowd, who were gathered over small candlelit tables. A DJ played funky tunes beneath a large neon sign. I thought it should have read Athens Best Kept Secret, because the view was nothing less than enchanting and one of the best vantage points to admire the Acropolis and the old city below.

Couleur Locale,

Photograph: The rooftop bar at Couleur Locale

As the only one holding up a camera, I realised it was time to share the secret. The only thing stopping you now is finding the place.

Why Athens Tip: Look out for live music events listed on their Facebook page