Galaxy Bar,
Photograph: Courtesy of Hilton Hotel Athens

Galaxy Bar

Hilton Hotel

Where: Hilton Hotel on the 12th floor
Why Go: To soak in panoramic views of Athens in style and comfort
We Loved: Plenty of outdoor seating for everyone to enjoy

There are many bars to enjoy a drink in Athens and Galaxy Bar is without question, one of the best. As the afternoon sun fades, step up to the 12th floor of the Hilton Hotel and watch Athens slowly light up for the night. Loved by visitors and locals, Galaxy is a must visit rooftop bar with panoramic views of the city as well as Lycabettus Hill.

Cocktails and extravagant sushi platters make this one of the most upscale bars in Athens. If you’re staying around Plaka or Syntagma, it is worth the short taxi ride to this side of town to explore the ‘Hilton area’, as the locals call it and experience some stand out restaurants near by. Alternatively, you can walk less than 20 steps across to the Galaxy Restaurant, for an extensive (but pricey) a-la carte menu.

Why Athens Tip: The upmarket suburb of Kolonaki is very close to the Hilton Hotel.