Discover Greek Culture Tours Why Athens
The Acropolis continues to attract large crowds every year. Photograph: Why Athens

Discover Greek Culture tours

What & Where: Unique, upscale cultural experiences of Athens
Why Go: For access & exclusive high end services
We Loved: Half day Athenian tours

Dining in an old Athenian mansion, touching precious antiquities and visiting an archaeological dig. These are some of the unique experiences you’ll find at Discover Greek Culture tours with more than 20 itineraries on offer.

Discover Greek Culture Tours Why Athens

An archaeological dig outside of Athens. Photograph: Courtesy of National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Focused on redefining how you explore the city, they provide a much wider cultural view of Athens, with high-end and exclusive itineraries that can also be customised to suit your needs.

Their tours have received the prestigious Silver award at the 2015 Greek Tourism awards and they will be launching their new archaeological excavation tour in the summer of 2016. Groups are limited to 14 people.

The ‘Taste of Greece’ tour is the perfect way to explore Athens, as it not only incorporates all the must see sites but schedules in a lengthy visit to a local wine store that allows you to taste six Greek wines and various cheeses from all around the country.