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Photograph: Felipe Neves/FLAGCX for Marina Abramović Institute and Kaldor Public Art Projects

Abramović Method in Athens, As One

Where: Benaki Museum, Pireos St Annexe
When: 10th March - 24th April 2016

Why Go:

Athens based NEON will collaborate with the Marina Abramović Institute (MAI) in a large-scale performance project at the Benaki Museum’s contemporary art annexe.

‘As One’ encourages participation from the audience and is based on ‘The Abramović Method’ consisting of a series of exercises designed by Abramović over the course of her career, to explore the boundaries of body and mind.

The ‘NEON-MAI Lab’ will feature performances, workshops, and lectures together with emerging Greek performance artists that have been selected by Abramović to train and perform with her team. In all, the public will have the opportunity to experience and participate in the work of around 25 artists.