Athens Digital Arts Festival why athens city guide

12th Athens Digital Arts Festival

Where: Ermou, central Athens
When: 19th May – 22nd May 2016
Why Go: To see Pop culture in today’s digital era

The Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) returns for its 12th year, celebrating digital culture and bringing together a global community of artists and audiences in the historic centre of Athens.

Under the theme of Digital Pop, ADAF 2016 aims to capture the different aspects of present day Pop culture in the digital era and explore how our increasing engagement with new technologies and the Internet has generated new trends and habits.

450 artists from 60 countries will present their works through a multifaceted programme that includes interactive and audio-visual installations, video art, web art and creative workshops suitable for both adults and kids.


Manja Ebert (DE) | ALL EYES ON US (2014) | Interactive Installation

Britney Spears – everyone knows her. You love her. You hate her. But who is this girl – or what? Elbert followed this question and created the interactive video installation ALL EYES ON US, based on music videos of the entertainer, which present nine stereotypical female characters. In the installation, the nine figures stand side by side in front of a keyboard and can be played to engage in dialogue with each other. The viewer becomes a composer, who can rearrange and exploit these dancing shells and their messages.

Athens Digital Arts festival Why Athens City Guide

All Eyes on Us by Manja Ebert. Photograph: courtesy of ADAF

KUFLEX (RU) | Quantum Space (2015) | Interactive Installation

Quantum Space (QS) is an interactive multiscreen video installation where panoramic projection immerses the viewers into the space of particles or quantums of light. Each time the viewer moves, an impulse occurs to create different images, which never repeat. The viewer is not just a simple viewer but he also takes part in a kind of a game. He is no more a human, but a shape of quantums, the guide and the resident of the world, which is settled through this special digital universe.


ADAF Creative Directors:

Ilias Chatzichristodoulou & Katerina Gkoutziouli