Clutch, Why Athens City Guide


Where: Gazi Music Hall
When: 24th August 2016
Why Go: To see one of the best rock bands of the decade - LIVE

As part of their ‘Psychic Warfare World Tour 2016’, American rock band Clutch returns to Athens for one night only. Performing songs from their hit albums Pure Rock Fury (2001) and Blast Tyrant (2004), as well as from their more recent album Psychic Warfare which has been placed among the best albums of 2015. The emerging Greek band Tuber will open the concert.

Clutch was formed in 1991 and its band members are Neil Fallon (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Tim Sult (guitar, vocals), Dan Maines (bass, vocals) and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums, percussion). They have released 11 studio albums of hard rock, funk metal, blues, rock, psychedelic rock and hard core punk music. Over the last 25 years they have gained millions of loyal fans from around the world.