fine art Blank Wall Gallery
Photograph captured by Avery Johnson, courtesy of Blank Wall Gallery

FINE ART: at the Blank Wall Gallery

Where: Blank Wall Gallery
When: 1st - 14th October, 2016
Why Go: To see ‘Fine Art’ created through photography

The Blank Wall Gallery in Athens established by and for photographers is hosting Fine Art, an exhibition set at their vibrant Kypseli district space. Emerging photographers from Greece, Cyprus, Europe, India and the US showcase their perception of reality through the lens.

fine art Blank Wall Gallery

Photograph from left: by Jamie Sheehy. Right: captured by Ilias Varelas. Courtesy of Blank Wall Gallery

The exhibition aims to deconstruct how a professional photographer captures colour and form in various ways, highlighting the medium as a subjective process.

Curated by the gallery’s artistic director, Mark Dolopikos.

About Blank Wall Gallery 

The Blank Wall Gallery is located in the central district of Kypseli, dedicated to contemporary photography. Established by photographers, the space provides local and international emerging talent a place to exhibit their work to a global audience.

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