Greek Tango megaron

GREEK TANGO at the Megaron

Where: Megaron, Athens Concert Hall
When: 22nd, 23rd October, 2016
Why Go: To see Greek tango live on stage

Greek tango comes to life on stage for two shows only, paying tribute to the romantic era of old Athens. “Tango Greco” with its rich melodies and erotic verses from famous Greek composers and lyricists such as Giorgos Mouzakis, flourished in the interwar period, when the influences of the Parisian “beguine” were brought to urban Athens.

Greek Tango Megaron

Audiences will be treated to a variety of tango tempos in their Greek expressions, such as the habanera, tango bolero, beguine, tango-swing, foxtrot, Charleston and the tempo di valse (waltz).

Dancers will take to the stage in period costume, alongside actors Yiannis Stankoglou and Chloe Mantzari. Music provided by the Ionian Union Variety Orchestra led by Panayis Barbatis. Direction and choreography by Sophia Spyratou.

Presented by the Friends of Music Society.

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