Islamic Calligrapy Benaki Museum
A bronze ink cartridge and a cane with silver decoration, designed by Mirac Hussein Yazdi. Iran circa 16th century

ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY, the art of Iranian writing

Where: Benaki Museum of Islamic Art
When: On now – 1 July 2018
Why Go: Discover contemporary Iranian calligraphy

The art of writing is a highly esteemed artistic expression within the world of the Middle East that has been admired from the 7th century until today. Islamic Calligraphy is considered a fundamental characteristic of Islamic art and aesthetics.

Islamic Calligrapy Benaki Museum I

Poetry by Hafez Shiraji (1315 – 1390) in narrative writing. Calligrapher: Mojtaba Sabzeh

This exhibition at the Benaki Museum of Islamic Art in Athens, aims to familiarise visitors with the evolution of calligraphic scripts, as well as demonstrating contemporary Iranian calligraphic art.

The first half of this presentation focuses on the history of calligraphy from the 9th to the 19th century, as shown through books and inscribed objects from the collection of the Benaki Museum.

The second half explores contemporary calligraphy through the creations of the Iranian calligrapher Mojtaba Sabzeh whose works with poetic and religious texts are introduced for the first time in Greece.


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