Lysistrata Aristophanes Athens Festival
The cast of Lysistrata in 2020. Photograph: courtesy of AEF/E.Glounanli

LYSISTRATA by Aristophanes – Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus

Where: Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus
When: 31 July, 1 & 2 August 2020
Why Go: See this ancient Greek comedy LIVE

This presentation of Lysistrata by Aristophanes forms part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival programme for 2020 and will be performed at the magnificent Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus.

Popular actor Odysseas Papaspiliopoulos makes his directorial debut with Lysistrata. This ancient Greek comedy was originally performed in classical Athens in 411BC. The story revolves around Lysistrata’s resolve to end the Peloponnesian War. She convinces the women of Greece to withhold sex from their husbands and lovers in an effort for the men who controlled society, to negotiate a quicker outcome towards peace.

Why Athens Tip: The performance will be performed in Greek with English subtitles.

Lysistrata Epidaurus Theatre Athens Festival Crowds

A packed house at last year’s Athens and Epidaurus Festival. Photograph: Thomas Daskalakis/NTG


The Ancient Theatre of Epidaurus is regarded as the best-preserved ancient theatre in Greece, famous for its perfect acoustics. Constructed in the late 4th century BC, it has a capacity of more than 12,000 spectators.

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