Sleeping beauty on Ice, why athens events
The St Petersberg State Ballet returns to Athens. Photograph: Coourtesy of Badminton Theatre

Sleeping Beauty on Ice

Where: Badminton Theatre
When: 18th – 22nd May 2016
Why Go: To see a classic fairy tale re-created for the ice stage

The legendary St Petersburg State Ballet on ice, returns to Athens to present Sleeping Beauty on Ice. Following more than 9000 performances worldwide, the legendary dance company blends two major Russian traditions of classical ballet and figure skating, to produce the romantic story of Sleeping Beauty with its eternal battles of good and bad. The story becomes a spectacular fairy tail on ice in a magical setting with dazzling costumes.

The production is staged by St Petersburg State Ballet’s principal choreographer Konstantin Rassadin.

Sleeping Beauty on Ice, why athens events

Sleeping Beauty on Ice. Photograph: courtesy of Badminton Theatre

The story

In a far away land, an evil witch casts a spell against the new born princess, who sleeps for 100 years until the prince of her dreams awakens her with a kiss.