Takim Athens Gazarte
TAKIM. Photo: Dimitris Mavroforakis

TAKIM live at Gazarte

Where: Gazarte
When: 7 - 28 March 2018
Why Go: Hear the unique sounds of this Greek ethnic band LIVE

The much-loved folk ethnic band from Athens, TAKIM will perform every Wednesday evening throughout March at Gazarte.

Established in 2001, their repertoire includes elements of common music traditions from Greece, East Mediterranean and the Balkans. Their sounds have been focused on recreating the musical line up from the old Ottoman cities of Smyrna, Ioannina, Preveza and Istanbul when Greeks, Turks, Armenians and Jewish musicians where living together in separate but interactive communities.

The members of Takim are well known professional musicians who have worked with international & Greek artists including Calexico, Nana Mouskouri , Eleftheria Arvanitaki , Charis Alexiou , among others. They have successfully established themselves in the Greek ethnic and crossover music scene.

Band members include: Alexandros Arkadopoulos-Clarinet | Panos Dimitrakopoulos-Kanun| Thomas Konstantinou-Oud,vocals |Kostas Meretakis-Percussion,vocals | Yiorgos Marinakis-Violin,vocals | Yiannis Plagianakos-Upright Bass

Takim Gazarte Athens BW

Why Athens Tip: You can also see Takim perform with Eleftheria Arvanitaki as part of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in June 2018. Find more info here.

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Gazarte is a multi-level creative space located in Gazi, a short drive from the centre of Athens that regularly hosts live performances on their rooftop terrace that has Acropolis views and a panoramic outlook over Athens. It also presents large concerts on their main stage. The surrounding area of Gazi is also worth exploring, with a great mix of street food, restaurants and bars that remain open until late.

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