Travels in Greece Benaki Museum Athens

TRAVELS IN GREECE | Benaki Museum Athens

Where: Benaki Museum
When: On now – 29 April 2018
Why Go: Rare material and artwork that depict how Greece was portrayed in C15-19th

Travels in Greece, an exhibition at the Benaki Museum featuring artwork, maps, illustrations and more depicting the Hellenic world during the 15th – 19th centuries, a time when Europeans were fascinated by Greece. These early depictions are a fascinating and (sometimes fictitious) representation of what was an unknown and alluring country.

Travels in Greece Benaki Museum Athens Map

The experience and the memory of the journey emerge through the valuable material of the Finopoulos Collection, which includes limited edition publications, handwritten maps, etchings and paintings, as well as important historical records, archival material and photographs. The exhibition also sheds lights on the sea routes taken by travelers, sailing from Marseilles or Venice and following a route to the eastern Mediterranean with stops in Sicily, Malta, Corfu, Kythera, Syros and Smyrna.

Travels in Greece Benaki Museum Athens Scene

The collection of Eustathios I. Finopoulos, which has been donated to the Benaki Museum and operates under the supervision of the collector, is one of the most important of its kind internationally and is distinguished by the wide variety of re-releases and engraving works.


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