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Made in Greece

A new generation of emerging Greek brands


A new generation of creative thinkers have redefined what made in Greece means. Returning to their cultural roots for inspiration, local designers are embracing Greek raw materials and ancient crafts to create a new age of Greek brands. From fashion to homewares, these collections are on the way up, establishing a loyal following both locally and overseas.

Made in Greece. An evolving story



Assembled by hand in Athens using high-end materials

Greek Gouri Gift Made In Greece

Handmade Gouri from Athens Photo: Why Athens – Made in Greece

Designed by talented Athenian designer Electra Karakatsanis using the best quality industrial materials, Electra gives this evil eye a sleek and modern edge, carefully assembling them by hand in Athens, in very small numbers. This Greek “mati or evil eye is found in many religions and cultures around the world. It is believed that the eye protects its owner from the envy and ill will of others. Designed to be hung in your home or work space to generate good energy for creativity, better communication, health and overall good luck for you and those around you. The idea of giving  good luck charms or “gouria” has been part of Greek culture dating back to ancient times. They are still gifted today in Greece, for special occasions such as christenings, Christmas or to mark the new year. 

Electra’s gouria are available here to purchase on our Agora



Assembled by hand in Athens

Height: 9cm | Length: 19cm | Tassel Length: 14cm

Tsarouhi Greek Gifts Made in Greece

Handmade tsarouhia available in white and black. Photo: Why Athens – Made in Greece

The uniform worn by the Evzones have become a Greek cultural icon and are synonymous with Athens. Their “Tsarouhia” or leather clogs are easily recognisable and Athenian designer Electra Karakatsanis has given them a modern twist, turning this traditional object into a quirky statement piece for your home or office expelling negative energy with its evil eye.

Electra’s tsarouhia are available here on our Agora. Sold out!




Organic Mountain Tea

Made in Greece Anassa Organic Tea

Organic Mountain Tea by Anassa | Made in Greece

Anassa Organics offer a range of exceptional herbs and teas that are farmed in Greece. With no pesticides or chemical fertilizers, Anassa’s herbs are fragrant and full of flavour. Their organic mountain tea is one of the most delicious and soothing infusions we’ve tasted and is naturally caffeine free, rich in iron and antioxidant properties. Beautifully packaged in a tin box to seal in the freshness, you will find whole loose blossoms cultivated from the Attica region, with separate tea bags and sticks allowing you to make your perfect cup of tea. Enjoy hot or cold.

W. Buy Anassa mountain tea online



Man & Beard

Made in Greece Hommer Beard Why Athens

Divine intervention for the perfect beard. Photograph courtesy of Hommer | Made in Greece

From the land of bearded gods, HOMMER has stepped up to meet the needs of today’s hipster male with a range of specially formulated shampoos, oils and wipes to nurture and protect the sacred beard. Made with all natural ingredients and infused with antioxidants, the highly moisturising qualities of virgin hemp oil is the secret weapon for a full and fruitful beard, fit for an ancient king. The well inked man can go one step further and prevent fading or blurring of tattoos in the sun, with HOMMER’s unique formula of SPF 50 tattoo sunscreen.




Sustainable luxury

Made in Greece Salty Bag Why Athens

Beach ready with the Armathea tote. Photograph: courtesy of Salty Bag | Made in Greece

The ultimate beach companion, the Armathea tote comes from a wide range of upcycled duffel bags and totes, handcrafted on the Ionian island of Corfu. Established in 2013, the clever team at Salty Bag have reincarnated discarded polyester sails, into handy carry alls with ethically sourced leather trims. The Armathea tote spells summertime with its aqua chevron lining that is Teflon coated and waterproof. Each bag is unique, with the scars of the sea embedded into the sails, invoking the salty stories of a past life. Who said luxury can’t be sustainable?




Original Greek Sandals

Made in Greece Kyma Sandles Why Athens

A pair of Limnos inspired sandals. Photograph: courtesy of Kyma | Made in Greece

With each pair of sandals named after a Greek island, drawing inspiration from white washed towns, sunshine and idyllic beaches, we don’t think the inspiration will run dry too quickly at Kyma, which translates to ‘wave’ in Greek. Each pair are handmade in Athens using a range of genuine fine leathers and feature a blue sole to remind us of the Aegean sea, the true soul of the islands. Kyma is well set to capture the international market, having already been stocked in the very swanky St Barth in the U.S, they will also be teaming up with the UK’s Topshop this season. Available at boutiques throughout Greece.




Greek for Wisdom

Made in Greece Sophia

The uplifting words of Hygea. Photograph: courtesy of Sophia | Made in Greece

Bring the new age Hygeia, ancient goddess of good health, into your home or add some creativity and wisdom to your workspace with these hyper coloured busts and statuettes. The very clever people at Sophia have created a range of every day objects and home wares that draw from Greece’s rich history of philosophy and storytelling. The ethos (another Greek word) behind their designs is, ‘Enjoy Thinking’ to inspire and provoke us into thinking and creativity. All of Sophia’s products are made in Greece and most are hand crafted. They have already captured an international audience, selling their wares at the British Museum in London and the Louvre in Paris. You can find them in various retail outlets throughout Greece and via their e-shop.



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