coppersmith psirri athens
Stamatis' coppersmith workshop in Psirri, Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

Copper pots, handmade souvenirs

Stamatis Pipinas - The last of the Athenian coppersmiths


It is widely accepted in Greece that food and drink served out of copper always tastes better (and is better for you). You should decide for yourself and head down to the Psirri workshop of coppersmith Stamatis Pipinas, where he and his brother Manolis produce a huge range of copper wares using traditional handmade methods. 

coppersmith psirri athens

Stamatis Pipinas at work in his coppershop in Psirri, Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

The 35-year-old shop is adorned with items of true craftsmanship including beautiful wine carafes, briki to make Greek coffee and ornamental statues. Steer clear of tourist traps with made in China copies. Stamati and Manolis are the real deal.

Coppersmith Psirri Athens

The beautiful selection of handmade goods at Stamatis’ workshop in Psirri, Athens. Photograph: Why Athens

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