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Greek Souvenirs

Buying Greek souvenirs is such an important part of your holiday shopping. It’s the keepsakes and gifts you buy that will mean the most when you get home. With this in mind we have created this souvenirs category. It is a culmination of the very best Greek talent who are thinking outside the box and reinventing traditional Greek products. If you’re looking for something authentic, guaranteed to be made in Greece (most are handmade) you’ll find it here. It is down the unassuming backstreets where you’ll find the old merchant stores and master craftsmen who have been delivering their wares and servicing the citizens of Athens for decades.

Best Greek souvenirs

From handmade Greek sandals to authentic and traditional ceramics and copper pots, there is so much you can find whilst in Athens, you just need to know where to look.

Down the back streets of Psirri, Stamatis Pipinas and his brother Manolis make a huge range of copper wares by hand. The famous ‘Kombologadiko‘ in Syntagma, craft worry beads out of resin, amber and other gem stones. Attic Black reproduces Athenian ceramics with their signature black glazing techniques that has reinvigorated an ancient art form that was almost lost forever. Lisa Sarigiannidou makes her handmade hats, a craft she learnt from her father, using the same antique sewing machines he once did. All are objects that tell a story, that have history and legacy. Most of all, they are intrinsically Greek.

  • Made in Greece Why Athens Tsarouhia

    Made in Greece

    A new generation of creative thinkers have redefined what made in Greece means. Returning to their cultural roots for inspiration, local designers are embracing Greek raw materials and ancient crafts to create a new age of Greek brands. From fashion to homewares, these collections are on the way up, establishing a loyal following both locally…

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  • Attic Black Shop Why Athens

    The Attic Black Shop

    Specialising in the production of ceramic artefacts, The Attic Black shop is the retail store for the THETIS Authentics workshop in Athens. They have managed to preserve an almost lost Athenian tradition of black glazing thanks to scientific research and testing, producing identical replicas. Their workmanship has become renowned throughout Greece. The shop includes ancient…

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  • Benaki Museum shop - Why Athens

    Benaki Museum Shop

    Finding souvenirs in Athens and quality gifts in the main tourist areas of Monastiraki and Plaka is difficult at the best of times and requires a discerning eye. At the Benaki Museum shop you are guaranteed only the best craftsmanship. Their range of prints, homewares and jewellery are created in Greece by Greek designers. They have been…

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  • coppersmith psirri athens

    Copper pots, handmade souvenirs

    It is widely accepted in Greece that food and drink served out of copper always tastes better (and is better for you). You should decide for yourself and head down to the Psirri workshop of coppersmith Stamatis Pipinas, where he and his brother Manolis produce a huge range of copper wares using traditional handmade methods.  The…

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  • Greek worry beads Why Athens

    Kombologadiko – Greek worry beads

    The clink, clink of beads are said to represent ones emotions and offer solace and relaxation to the soul and mind. The kombolói or Greek worry beads have been part of Greek culture dating back to the Turkish occupation. Greeks established their own version, reducing the number of beads to 23 from 33, some say in…

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