Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography Greece-2
Photograph: Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography

The Greek uncovering the hidden treasures of the sea

The underwater lens of Nicholas Samaras captures the delicate corals, shipwrecks and the extraordinary ecosystem that lies beneath the deep waters of Greece and beyond


Fascinated by the myriad of colours, marine life and the refraction of light under water, Nicholas Samaras has become one of Greece’s leading underwater photographers. With more than 50 international accolades under his belt awarded from NELOS International Underwater Photo & Film Festival, Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous Marine, among others, it was when he won the Gold Ermis Award for his website that features his work, that he gained true international visibility.

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His photographs have been published in several international publications such as National Geographic where he was featured for the rare black coral that he beautifully immortalised from the seabed in Trikeri, in the Pagasetic Gulf in east central Greece.

Having achieved endless hours underwater he is as much a diver as a photographer. It is the hidden beauty that fuels his passion and the fresh challenges that present themselves in every dive and every image.

Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography Greece Seahorse Coral

Photographs: Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography

“What excites me underwater is you never know what you’ll find. The Greek seabed might not offer the abundance of colours of the tropics but it has a wild beauty which is exciting”

Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography Greece Sharks

Photograph: Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography

Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography Greece Fashion

Photographs: Nicholas Samaras Underwater Photography

The Pagasetic Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf, Halkidiki and Crete are among his favourites to photograph in Greece. Nicholas says his goals are to continue to reveal the hidden beauty that lies beneath the sea, not only through diving destinations in Greece and around the world but through wider underwater narratives involving portraiture or fashion photography.

You can see more of Nicholas’ work here:

Instagram: @nsuwp

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