Eccentrics Why Athens City Guide
The front window display at Eccentrics store in upmarket Kolonaki. Photograph: Why Athens


Faux bijou and costume jewellery in Kolonaki


Skoufa Street in Kolonaki is the old playground of the intelligentsia of Athens, where artists and writers would meet at the infamous Filion Café. Close by you’ll find Eccentrics, which has also been part of the street’s history for the last 30 years, established by Stella Pournatzi. Her charismatic dog “Throubi” assists with charming the customers. Faux bijou and costume jewellery has been the reemerging fashion trend of recent years and Eccentrics offers everything from the quirky, vintage inspired to minimalist designs at very reasonable prices.

Eccentrics Why Athens

Throubi will make you feel at home. Photograph: Why Athens | Eccentrics Kolonaki

Eccentrics Why Athens City Guide

Handmade necklaces with vibrant colours. Photograph: Why Athens | Eccentrics Kolonaki

Stella has successfully curated a wide range of handmade necklaces, rings, earrings and accessories that has cultivated a loyal local following. Christina Bramti, Bord de L’eau and Fotini Liami’s Private Collection are among the Greek designers and pieces from other emerging brands from Spain, Brazil, Turkey and France also feature.

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