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It's all about the bread at Oven Sesame. Photograph: Why Athens

Athens Street Food

There is a food revolution going on in Athens and some of its best food can be found on the streets.


There is a food revolution going on in Athens and some of its best food can be found on the streets. From delectable homemade pies, mouth-watering souvlaki to a fish burger with a twist, here are our all-time favourite places to get into the Athens street food scene.


Pie Works – Syntagma

The pies at Pie Works go beyond the traditional spanakopita or spinach pie, with delectable meals wrapped in a light, crispy pastry. The breakfast pies will truly brighten up your morning. Eat in or take away.

Address: 16 Amerikis, Athens. T. +30 211 1847 595

For the taxi driver: Αμερικής 16, Αθήνα

Closest metro station: Syntagma


Kostas Souvlaki – Syntagma

Athens Street Food Kostas Souvlaki

Kostas serves arguably the best souvlaki in Athens. Photograph: Why Athens | Athens Street Food

For the best souvlaki in central Athens, look no further than Kostas. Upholding a 65-year-old tradition, the delicate flavours are a combination of fresh ingredients and quality meats on oil free pita bread. You’ll need to get in early. The daily line ups usually sees Kosta all sold out by 3pm.

Address: 5 Pentelis, Athens. T. +30 210 3228 502

For the taxi driver: Ο Κώστας, πεντέλς 5

Closest metro station: Syntagma


Feyrouz – Monastiraki

Athens Street Food Feyrouz Lahmajoun

The ‘Feyrouz’ lahmajoun. Photograph: courtesy of Feyrouz | Athens Street Food

Feyrouz brings a culinary experience to the back streets of central Athens, fusing the flavours of Lebanon, Cyprus and Istanbul, into the most delectable lahmajoun. Using family recipes and the freshest of produce, thin hand-kneaded dough is sprinkled with meat or vegetarian toppings. The “Feyrouz” is the most popular, with minced beef, smoked eggplant, yoghurt, herbs and salad. A wide variety of “pide” and daily specials available along with delicious desserts infused with rose water or berry molasses. Vegan friendly. Open 6 days ‘till late, closed Sundays.

Address: 23 Karori and Aiolou, Monastiraki

For the taxi driver: Feyrouz, Καρόρη 23 & Αιόλου

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Oven Sesame – Monastiraki

Athens Street Food Oven Sesame

It’s all about the bread at Oven Sesame. Photograph: courtesy of Oven Sesame | Athens Street Food

Another of Athens’ street canteens that stand for fresh, natural and healthy. Taking the quintessentially Greek “koulouri” (oven baked rings of bread), Oven Sesame packs them with delicious fillings from feta cheese with thyme and extra virgin olive oil to more substantial options of chicken, eggplant or beef. Sweet options available too. Open daily ‘till late.

Address: 17A Aiolou, Monastiraki

For the taxi driver: Oven sesame, Αιόλου 17A

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


The Pitta Co. Street Food – Central Athens

Pitta Co Athens Street Food

Delectable pita at the Pitta Co. Photograph: courtesy of the The Pitta Co.

Pita bread, lahmajoun, pies and more are kneaded and baked daily in the wood fired oven of The Pitta Co., where locals congregate daily, giving it their tick of approval. Cypriot inspired, haloumi cheese pies (haloumopita) are simply delicious. Feed yourself or the family for lunch or for a quick snack for under 10 euros and expect some change! Good value and top-quality ingredients. Open daily ‘till late.

Address: 3 Athinaidos and Kalamiotou, Athens

For the taxi driver: The Pitta Co. Street Food, Αθηναΐδος 3 & Καλαμιώτου

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Ariston Bakery (since 1910) – Syntagma

Ariston bakery Kourou Athens Street Food

The famous Kourou from the Ariston Bakery. Photograph: Why Athens

Serving hot, delectable pies in Athens since 1910, Ariston is as much an institution as an Athenian bakery. On the edge of Syntagma square you will find morning line ups for the famous “kourou” pies that are half-moon shaped pastries filled with feta cheese. You’ll also find a myriad of other sweet and savoury varieties. Open 6 days from 8:00am. Closed Sundays.

Address: 10 Voulis St, Syntagma

For the taxi driver: Βούλης 10, Σύνταγμα

Closest metro station: Syntagma


Zisis – Fish in a Cone – Central Athens

Athens Street Food Zisis

Fish in a cone at Zisis. Photograph: courtesy of Zisis

Zisis is the new destination for fresh and inexpensive fish and seafood that you can take on the run. Handy paper cones allow you to snack on lightly battered fish, small fried shrimps (garidaki), sardines (sardeles) or anchovies (gavros) which are incredible tasty and moreish. Offers an extensive eat-in seafood menu. Open daily ‘till late.

Address: 3 Athinaidos, Athens

For the taxi driver: Ζήσης, Αθηναΐδος 3, Αθήνα

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Ouzeri Karayiannis – Monastiraki

Ouzeri Karayiannis Athens Street Food

A meze plate of fresh prawns at Ouzeri Karayiannis. Photograph: Why Athens

Located near the main entrance of the Varvakeos Markets, Ouzeri Karayiannis is the ideal pit stop if you’re exploring the central market district of Athens. This small canteen serves raki, ouzo and beer with small plates or meze (“pikilia”) of sausages, meatballs, stuffed peppers, saganaki cheese and other daily specials. This is quintessentially Athens and if you’re lucky enough to nab one of the few seats available, you will get a no frills and authentic taste of the city. Open 6 days 8:00am – 3:00pm. Closed Sundays.

Address: Varvakeos Central Market, 42 Athinas St

For the taxi driver: Βαρβάκειο Αγορά, Αθηνάς 42

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Food Str – Central Athens

Athens Street Food Street

Food Street’s burgers are well known especially for the after dark crowd. Photograph: Why Athens | Athens Street Food

Open from 12 noon until 4am and set among the popular bar strip near Kolokotroni Street, Food Str offers everything you’d expect from a street vendor; burgers, hot dogs but with a tasty and healthy twist. Their ‘bakalyaro’ fish burger is a stand out, served on a soft black bread roll. The meaty fish is lightly crumbed and drizzled with mayo and the tangy beetroot salad adds some zing.

Address: 14 Kalamiotou, Athens T. +30 210 3211 003

For the taxi driver: Καλαμιώτου 14, Αθήνα

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Krinos Loukoumades (since 1923) – Central Athens

Krinos Loukoumades Athens Greek Donuts

Krinos Loukoumades. Photograph: Why Athens | Athens Street Food

Located in an impressive heritage building that was once Athens’ first pharmacy (from 1855), Krinos have been serving their special recipe of loukoumades for more than 90 years. In this old-style cafeteria, these Greek-style doughnuts are made in front of you as you place your order. Order the traditional way with honey syrup, cinnamon and crushed nuts sprinkled on top. Bougatsa (pastry with sweet custard filling) is another of its specialities and a favourite with locals. Open: Mon, Wed, Fri 8:30am – 5:00pm | Tue, Thurs, Sat 8:30am – 9:00pm | Closed Sundays.

Address: 87 Aeolou St, Athens

For the taxi driver: Αίολου 87, Αθήνα

Closest metro station: Monastiraki


Koulouri of Psiri

Athens Street Food Koulouri Psirri

Koulouri’s are a staple breakfast favourite in Greece. Photograph: Why Athens | Athens Street Food

For the best ‘Koulouri’ or bagel in town. Greeks like to eat these first thing in the morning for breakfast or following a late night out. This bakery is very much part of the fabric of the city, established in the ’90s, it’s a favourite with locals. Choose between soft and chewy or hard and crunchy. They supply most of the street vendors you see around Athens and have their own stand outside Syntagma metro station.

Address: 23 Karaiskaki St, Psirri. T. +30 210 321 5962

For the taxi driver: ΤΟ ΚΟΥΛΟΡΙ ΤΟΥ ΨΥΡΡΗ, Καραϊσκάκή 23, Ψυρρη

Closest metro station:  Monastiraki


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